Solano County

Solano County HSS makes the process to Join Up and meet Meaningful Use and Title 17 reporting easy! There are four steps to the process that align with Meaningful Use guidance for Public Health Authorities. Solano County HSS is the Public Health Authority for Eligible Providers, Eligible Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals in Solano County.

Declaration of Readiness

Solano County is ready to receive, process and consume your data, including Meaningful Use population and public health Core and Menu measures. If you need to submit data to other Public Health Authorities in California, click here to find out how.

Registration of Intent

Solano County HSS will help you start the process to send reportable laboratory results, immunization registry, syndrome surveillance, cancer case reports and public health case reports to Solano County HSS. Solano County HSS will update other local, regional, state and federal systems on your behalf.


Solano County HSS will process your organization’s Join Up information and contact you to start the Meaningful Use affirmation process. When your certified EHR is ready to generate public health messages, we’ll get you started.

On-Going Submission

Solano County HSS realizes that public health reporting is a journey and ongoing submission is the process after you have achieved Meaningful Use status. We will work with you and our public health community on the details, mappings, coding and handling of issues to further improve data quality and usefulness.